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From 2011 we provide an access to
NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges.

We offer the best trading conditions and solutions in the industry!

Proprietary trading

Proprietary traders, trade the prop firms capital and therefore has access to virtually unlimited buying power. Since this is not a leveraged account the trader’s personal capital is not at risk. In exchange, the prop firm awards the trader a substantial bonus on (most of) the profit generated in the market. Since trade costs are based on executed share volume, larger prop firms are able to leverage the total trading volume of the firm to qualify for the lowest tiered pricing. This discount is almost always passed onto the prop trader, making proprietary trading considerably less expensive than a retail or discount broker.

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RemoteDayTrader is a group of traders who not only successfully trade on US Stock Markets but also provide and access to NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges through one of the oldest and most reputable Proprietary Trading company in the industry. We offer the best trading solutions and trading conditions.

1. Trading on US Stock Markets: NYSE / NASDAQ / AMEX.
2. Access to virtually unlimited buying power.
3. No 25K minimum capital deposit (no PDT Rule).
4. Better availability to Short shares.
5. Commissions per share not per trade.

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Trading conditions

We are also traders with many years of experience. That's why we know your needs.

Commission is charged per share, not per transaction! So you pay for the exact number of shares that you trade.  For traders who generate much volume there are special offer - lower commission.

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Trading conditions